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Midori Days Drabble – United By Fate

by on May.10, 2008, under Uncategorized

As requested by markpoa…this one is not what I speculated I would write about, and it’s a somewhat obscure joke anyway. Well, we’ll see how many people get it. 😛


Miyahara flipped a knife in his hand and ran his fingers over his spiky hair. “Let’s find our leader! For the honor of our school and his older brother, Rin!”

Rin pulled off her motorcycle helmet and smacked Miyahara with it. “I told you not to bother pretending I’m a guy.”

“I’ll come too!” A blond girl pounced on Miyahara, her boxing gloves squishing into his face. “I’ll find Seiji with you!”

“Miyahara, can’t you control your girlfriend?” Rin blinked. “Wait–YOU’RE not supposed to be here!”

“Yotto!” Sakura skidded into place.


Midori squirmed. “No…zzzzz…no more button mashing…”

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2 comments for this entry:
  1. markpoa

    Oh, cool… random Tiffany and Sakura reference! XD

  2. johnevans

    Yes and no…

    Basically the idea is supposed to be…Seiji made Midori help him play Rival Schools for a long time. So Midori is having a nightmare where she imagines Lucy as Tiffany (not like it’s a stretch there), Miyahara as Edge, Rin as Akira…and Sakura appears randomly, much like she also did in the RS games…you kind of have to know about both Midori Days and Rival Schools continuity to get the joke. ^_^;

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