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Iron Man

by on May.11, 2008, under Uncategorized

So, Iron Man was lots of fun. Definitely recommended.

Everyone in this movie was really good, but I hardly recognized any of them. I didn’t even recognize Jeff Bridges or Gwyneth Paltrow. But that’s okay, it let me concentrate on their characters.

I remember thinking before I saw the movie, “If I were making an Iron Man movie, I’d probably have the initial story in something like Afghanistan”. M-hm.

I’m not sure anyone can pull an NG tube out of their nose that calmly. I mean, that hurts. Still, it could be showing his grit and determination…either that or he’s already half-unconscious and groggy, so what’s one more bit of pain?

Also, when the guy said “I’m going to join my family after this”, I knew exactly what I meant. (Growing up with my mom as, well, my mom, I got “training” in predicting story developments. >_> )

The second time they said, “That’s a really long name”, I got it. I should have gotten it the first time.

I also should have got it when the Air Force guy’s name was “Rhodes”, that one also took me a couple times. “Next time, baby.”

Apparently the theme to announce Tony Stark calling someone is the Iron Man animated series opening theme. I thought it was the original Spider-Man animated theme, which would have also been amusing, but whatever.

And finally, for the bonus scene: They actually GOT him? That is so awesome. (And another comic book in-joke!)

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  1. kt_coope

    The Afghanistan thing came up in ‘Extremis’, an arc Warren Ellis wrote and the person who did the film’s concept art drew. A friend showed me after we saw it (I’ve never really read Iron Man) and it’s a really really good book. Works nicely with the film.

  2. johnevans

    Interesting. But I was just thinking…Knowing the history of Iron Man the character, the original premiere back in the 60s, he started out in the Vietnam War. So, the origin was very similar, magnetic chest thingy and everything, just transplanted to Afghanistan.

    Looking at Amazon’s description of Extremis, I can see that they drew on that storyline for the movie, yeah. Neat!

    Hm, you revamped your journal since I last saw. I’ll have to start reading it again. 😉

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