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I’m a published game writer!…sort of

by on Dec.18, 2009, under Uncategorized

So, there’s this game called Legends of Zork. Produced by Jolt Online, it’s a web-based game situated in the Zork world, with locations and artwork that evoke the Zork universe.

Recently Jolt had something called The Best Quest Contest. In summary, they solicited “quest” writeups from the playerbase and judged to see which were worthy of inclusion in the game. (In LoZ, a “quest” is a series of text scenes which include a few little puzzles.)

Long story short, I won! That is, my quest, “The DEAD Walk!” tied for second place. Today it was implemented in the game, so you can go forth and solve it! (If you’re at least level 25, of course…)

So, now my writing is part of an officially published game! Not only that, it’s part of the grand Zork legacy. 😀

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  1. Anonymous

    yeah i’m playing through your quest right now and where there hell do find the marble? i don’t get your hint with this.

  2. johnevans

    Ooh, someone who actually played it! 😀

    There’s one location in the game that actually mentions marble in the description. You can look through the various descriptions without using Action Points as long as you don’t “Adventure”.

    You can also look up the locations in Zorkpedia. Or you can visit the various forums on Legends of Zork. (You don’t have to register on the forums to read them. I think…)

    If you don’t get the quest text popping up, just keep trying. (As long as you don’t see the “Wrong Way” text, of course.) It can take a while. Good luck!

  3. vidstudent

    Congratulations, sir! One more step towards becoming a paid video game programmer!

  4. johnevans

    Thanks! 😀

    …Well, actually I’m not sure this is on the way to being a game programmer. Writer, designer, producer, sure. Programmer, though, not so much…Not that I’ll leave it off the resume. 😉

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