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A Trickster Heritage, Part 2

by on Feb.11, 2008, under Uncategorized

So, my father has a coffee cup that reads “Scheme”. For years I didn’t even recognize it, given its stylized font. Then recently I noticed “Scheme” and I thought, hey, the programming language, I used that in school.

However, I asked my dad and he said it was actually a parody of IBM’s “Think” slogan of years past.

Only instead of “Think” it was…”Scheme”.

This is my family. 😉

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Writer’s Block: Cooking Lessons

by on Feb.07, 2008, under Uncategorized

My mother, of course. Over the years of cooking for our family she’s become quite skilled. Not only does she know how to perform basic cooking operations, but she knows how to recover from cooking mishaps and spice up leftovers. She once mentioned that she had considered being a short-order cook every now and then; the improvisational, problem-solving nature of it appealed to her. The point is, you learn the basic rules and then you experiment…

(I don’t even know what I’m writing here, I clicked some link on the LJ homepage and got this thing…)

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I return!

by on May.05, 2007, under Uncategorized

I’m back from Philadelphia! We went to see the Rainbow Connection Festival, which was sort of an afterschool theater activity for middle and high school kids where they wrote and performed original musicals. Of course, they got help in the form of a playwright giving feedback on their writing, as well as a certain Mark Evans writing and performing original music…All in all, though, it was quite an impressive achievement, and definitely something I think the kids will be proud of.

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by on May.04, 2007, under Uncategorized

I’m off to Philadelphia with my family to visit my brother. Take care all!

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Beware…I live!

by on Apr.22, 2007, under Uncategorized

For those of you who might be wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been working. For my father’s company. It’s been busy.

My father, masterful ISTP artisan, has literally decades more experience programming than myself. I suspect, however, that in terms of natural intelligence we may be about equal. Today we were discussing a thorny coding problem. How would we check for out-of-sync network messages? It was the kind of puzzle you just had to beat your head against for a bit until you suddenly had an insight.

After a moment I thought to myself, well, maybe you could use the PeekMessage function to check if there were invalid messages waiting in the message queue.

And a moment later he said, “What if you peeked into the message queue…”.

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