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Automated Source Code Control System

by on Apr.29, 2008, under Uncategorized

So someone recently sent me a Fuzzmail, and it got me thinking. A system like that could be useful for version control, saving all the keystrokes a programmer does. It could make a code checkpoint every time you compile successfully. Those checkpoints would be useful all by themselves, even if you don’t want to store all that keystroke and time information. There are several levels of granularity you could go for, but the point is…Do we really need to have manual control over version control? Can’t we let the computer handle it?

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The Anti-Call Center

by on Apr.15, 2008, under Uncategorized

This is an idea I just had.

If a telemarketer calls you, you forward their call to the Anti-Call Center. The operator at the Anti-Call Center makes sure you’re on the “do not call list”, verifies that the telemarketers follow the rules regarding do not call lists (preparatory to suing them if applicable) and, depending on the Anti-Call Center plan you signed up for, optionally insults the telemarketers.

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Color correction

by on May.13, 2007, under Uncategorized

There are a lot of movies and TV shows and things from decades past that present views of the world, but with skewed colors. I mean, you watch these things and you almost get the feeling that colors were more drab back in, say, the 70s. (There’s a classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoon about this, of course.) But the colors weren’t actually less colorful back then. It’s not like reality has changed.

What I’m wondering is if anyone has tried performing some sort of color correction on old tapes and stuff. So we could really get a sense of what the world looked like back then. Not that I think it would be that different, but it might be interesting to get this perspective. I suspect the resolution might not be good in any case, but perhaps something can be done about the color…

I was struck by this after watching some episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati, on its new DVD release. The colors are pretty sharp, but you can definitely tell a certain “shift”. And the opening credits sequence looks quite dated, in terms of photography anyway. (And the two tan VW Bugs driving down the freeway!)

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What I want

by on Dec.24, 2005, under Uncategorized

Well, every year around this time my family exchanges gifts. I thought I’d take Ed Wasser’s advice and think about what I want. Sure, there are things I would enjoy receiving, like books or DVDs…(Yeah, most of my “possessions” nowadays are really just interesting bits of information.) But what do I really want? What do I really want?

Well, one thing I really want is to able to express some of the ideas I have in my head. To be able to get past my creative blocks and think of things I can do in my various game projects…think of things that will help evoke the half-formed experiences I have rattling around in my head. Because I truly believe I have ideas which are innovative. Perhaps not earthshaking or mindboggling, but things that will make people take notice and think in new directions.

That’s what I want. Is that selfish? Probably less selfish than a DVD, I think, but either way I feel entitled to a certain amount of selfishness in this regard.

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