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1/5th of a hamster

by on Aug.26, 2008, under Uncategorized

So, Kingdom of Loathing recently introduced a “clan dungeon”; an area that was intended to be explored by a group of people. Obviously, it seems foolish to focus effort on content that solo players can’t experience; still, I found myself thinking about it from a sort of mathematical perspective. Specifically, I was thinking about an article about the division of “loot” after completing a “run” of this area.

Let’s say that a group of 5 people go and complete this quest in the hope of getting 1 really interesting item at the end. Of course, there’s only one of these items. How do you divide up the loot? Maybe there is a simple way.

If, at the end of the run, the group gets 1 Mega-Prize, then you award each player a “1/5th of a Mega-Prize” voucher. Now they can do whatever they want with this voucher. They can give it to another player, they can sell it for whatever amount of currency they believe is fair, they can save it for a rainy day…anything. Then, whoever obtains 5/5ths worth of vouchers can trade it in for a Mega-Prize. Until then, the Mega-Prizes just stay stashed in a vault or something.

There may have to be some additional rules, like, “Vouchers can only be traded among clan members” and “If you leave the clan, you forfeit your vouchers” (but to whom? hmmmm…). I think this solves the problem rather neatly.

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