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Writing Porn

by on Jul.16, 2008, under Uncategorized

I’ve recently found an interesting article on writing porn by Thomas Roche. (Kind of like writing “erotica”, only, not really…just read the article to see what I mean.) I found this article quite interesting, and I recommend it to any aspiring writer. (That is…I recommend reading the article. I’ll hold off on giving any other specific recommendations.)

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Harry Potter and the Unmentionable Metaphor

by on Jul.16, 2007, under Uncategorized

So I’m reading an article in the New York Times about the Harry Potter films. The basic point is that the books have delved into more mature topics as they go along, and the films have followed suit…with the directors contributing to the evolution of the series. And then I came across this quote:

“And now, in ‘Order of the Phoenix’, Harry finally discoveres that girls are an altogether different kind of chamber of secrets.”

Oh, my. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s a rather unfortunate turn of phrase. It brings such naughty images to mind.

“Hey, baby, want to get out my wand and let me into your chamber of secrets?”

Of course, given the state of HP fanfic, I feel certain I’m not the first to make this “connection”…but it still amuses me.

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Game News

by on Aug.02, 2006, under Uncategorized

Computer Gaming World printed my letter! It was in response to a letter in a previous issue, where someone decried sex in favor of violence. My letter took the opposite stance, arguing that I would rather see sex than violence in video games. The editors put it under the heading ‘We Prefer Sex, Too!’.

In other news, Guild Wars has done something interesting. At least, I think it’s interesting. If you buy the original Guild Wars game (also known as Guild Wars: Prophecies), you’ll get four character slots. If you buy the expansion/sequel, Guild Wars: Factions, you’ll get four slots. If you buy one of the games and link it to the other, you get 6 slots in total, but you can mix and match characters and transfer items between them.

That all was just background information. The really interesting bit is that NCSoft has opened an “Online Store” you can access within Guild Wars. You can buy the game you don’t have…or you can buy an extra character slot for $9.99 each.

ardweden tells me another game did this before, but I still think it’s interesting.

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Gaymer Survey

by on Jun.09, 2006, under Uncategorized

I’ve heard about an interesting survey, dealing with online games, socializing and (a little bit) sexual orientation.

The Gaymer Survey

I encourage everyone who plays computer or video games to fill out this survey. Anyone, of any sexuality. Some of the questions are kind of personal, but it’s all completely anonymous. I’d like to help out people that are actually trying to research this stuff…and I’m interested to see what their results are…

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