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I’m a published game writer!…sort of

by on Dec.18, 2009, under Uncategorized

So, there’s this game called Legends of Zork. Produced by Jolt Online, it’s a web-based game situated in the Zork world, with locations and artwork that evoke the Zork universe.

Recently Jolt had something called The Best Quest Contest. In summary, they solicited “quest” writeups from the playerbase and judged to see which were worthy of inclusion in the game. (In LoZ, a “quest” is a series of text scenes which include a few little puzzles.)

Long story short, I won! That is, my quest, “The DEAD Walk!” tied for second place. Today it was implemented in the game, so you can go forth and solve it! (If you’re at least level 25, of course…)

So, now my writing is part of an officially published game! Not only that, it’s part of the grand Zork legacy. 😀

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Arcade Dreams

by on Nov.16, 2008, under Uncategorized

I just had the most amazing dream…I dreamed I was spending some time at a place that had lots of old arcade games set up to play. Classic stuff like Pac-Man, Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man, of course…but there were also a lot of them that just came right from my imagination, and yet seemed in some way plausible. Arizona Sun, a game where you played a private detective being menaced by thugs, and its sequel Louisiana Bailey, starring his female counterpart. Metalevel, where each level was drawn (recycled, pastiched?) from a classic video game. And then there was the room with several rows of cocktail cabinets with instruction manuals that could be perused…stuff like Sasmiris, the emergent-story game from Chris Crawford. And Trojan, with its hilariously bad full-motion video of women in impractical armor. And Don-Cha, the sexually explicit caveman therapy game.

…And then I woke up and realized that none of these games actually exist. Sigh.

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Game News

by on Aug.02, 2006, under Uncategorized

Computer Gaming World printed my letter! It was in response to a letter in a previous issue, where someone decried sex in favor of violence. My letter took the opposite stance, arguing that I would rather see sex than violence in video games. The editors put it under the heading ‘We Prefer Sex, Too!’.

In other news, Guild Wars has done something interesting. At least, I think it’s interesting. If you buy the original Guild Wars game (also known as Guild Wars: Prophecies), you’ll get four character slots. If you buy the expansion/sequel, Guild Wars: Factions, you’ll get four slots. If you buy one of the games and link it to the other, you get 6 slots in total, but you can mix and match characters and transfer items between them.

That all was just background information. The really interesting bit is that NCSoft has opened an “Online Store” you can access within Guild Wars. You can buy the game you don’t have…or you can buy an extra character slot for $9.99 each.

ardweden tells me another game did this before, but I still think it’s interesting.

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Trivia Question

by on Jun.11, 2006, under Uncategorized

Complete the sentence.

“It is the nineties and there is time for…”

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